K & Neo


Neo awoke to rock music at the early age of 10 and immediately started to play guitar. He mastered the complete Deep Purple catalog by the age of 12. He went on to study classic guitar in earnest at Musashino Academia Musicae before moving to the U.S. to farther his playing skills at the Musicians Institute (G.I.T.) in Hollywood where he was enrolled in the most advanced class in the guitar department.
Back in Tokyo, he established his own hyper-technical playing style by using custom-made 41-fretted, polyphonic-pickup-equipped guitar that he designed himself. The polyphonic-pickup was specially built for Neo by Bill Bartolini.
Neo debuted as the leader, guitarist and main composer of a pop rock group Delta and released 4 CD singles and an album on Mercury Records (Universal Music Entertainment Group). Many of Japans major television networks at the time played Deltas songs on their programs.
In 1999, Neo formed a duo called FAKiE with Kay, Deltas female lead singer. The duo later renamed to K & Neo features Kays sweet yet powerful vocal that covers impressive wide range interlaced with pure magical nylon-string guitar sound of Neo.
Neo still lives in Japan and teaches guitar, one of the greatest joys of his life. He is currently creating and performing a new style of music that features a traditional Japanese instrument called Shinobue (Bamboo Flute).